EFCA Model EPD verified by ECO Platform

29599867944_e541fab549_oThe EFCA 2015 Model EPD have been confirmed as verified in compliance with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 by the ECO Platform in addition to verification by the German programme holder Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

This additional verification of the EFCA EPD by the ECO Platform provides users with greater confidence in the credibility and comparability of the EPD data.

The modified EPD were presented at an ECO Platform event, co-sponsored by EFCA, held in the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels in October.

The new versions can be downloaded from our environmental publications page Here    

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EFCA signs the Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS)

The On 13th June 2016 EFCA gave its voluntary commitment to the Joint Initiative on

AMSTERDAM, JUNE 13TH 2016 Single Market Forum and Single Market Conference. PHOTO MARTIJN BEEKMAN/EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Single Market Forum and Single Market Conference.

Standardisation at a signing ceremony in Amsterdam.

Launched by the European Commission, this initiative “aims to improve the European standardisation system and to make sure the system is ready for the challenges it faces from: the changing nature of the economy and diversification of business models; the ever-increasing role of information and communication technology; and the growing importance of services in today’s global value chains, where goods and services are increasingly provided in a package. More generally, this means modernising the existing public-private partnership ….. with the aim to speed up and better prioritise standardisation across the board”

To obtain a copy of the JIS

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EFCA has became a member of the INdustry GRoup on European Standardisation Strategy (INGRESS).

The main purpose of INGRESS is:

“to inform European policy makers about industry’s interests and priorities for using harmonised standards in the framework of Regulation EU 1025/2012”

… promoting the common interests of industry – based in the EU – in those areas of standardisation policy falling under Regulation 1025/2012 and ensuring that the principle driver of European standardisation should be market relevance.

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EFCA Model European Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) published

EFCA announces the publication of its Model EPDs

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are important tools for providing admixture users with key information with regard to the potential impacts of materials. EFCA has now published independently verified Model European EPD applicable to its members products across Europe.

These can be downloaded from the Publications page

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The Concrete Initiative is launched

Concrete is “The backbone of sustainable construction”

Concrete is the most widely-used construction material in the world. It is part of our everyday lives. However, its ubiquitous nature often means it is taken for granted.

The Concrete Initiative aims to increase awareness of its essential role in creating a sustainable construction sector in Europe.

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