Netherlands – VHB

Vereniging Van fabrikanten en leveranciers van Hulpstoffen voor mortel en beton




Postbus 120
NL-7070 AC Ulft

Secretary: Mr Jan-Paul Kiefmann
Phone: +31 (0) 315 270 620
Fax: +31 (0) 315 270 621


The VHB was founded in 1978. The main goal of the VHB is to increase the knowledge and acceptance of the use of admixtures for concrete and mortars amongst the users of admixtures. These users are mainly the concrete mortar – and concrete products industry, as well as the construction industry in general.

The members of the VHB are focussed to improve the technical level of admixtures. The VHB is also concerned in the drafting of standards by Norming institutes and informing national and regional governments about admixtures. Due to these efforts admixtures can now be offered accompanied by a quality declaration.




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