EFCA is looking for a Secretary General (f/m/d) based in Brussels

EFCA is a partnership of 13 National Admixture Associations, formed in 1984 in order to represent the interests of the European admixture producers – EFCA’s total membership provides more than 80% of admixture sales within Europe and represents all the major admixture manufacturers. Details about EFCA can be found on the EFCA website:

EFCA is looking for a Secretary General (f/m/d) based in Brussels. The Secretary appointment is a retained position based on a nominal 2 days per week and which will normally be held by a self-employed person.

The working language of the Federation is English. All meetings are conducted in English and all documents produced by EFCA shall be in English.

Main tasks will include:

  • ensuring that EFCA operates within its agreed Statutes.
  • organizing meetings of the Board, General Assembly, Environmental Committee and Technical Committees including venue, agenda, travel/accommodation advice, attendance details and liaison with host.
  • production and distribution of meeting reports (normally 2 weeks maximum) and for the progressing of agreed actions.
  • providing all necessary support to Members, Committees and Working Groups (this may include him/her reporting on internal and external activities).
  • collecting annual sales statistics from the National Associations and present them at the General Assembly.
  • circulating relevant documents from both internal and external sources as required to keep members well informed of activities in the areas of admixture and concrete admixtures legislation.
  • assisting in the preparation and production of EFCA documents, including Presentations, Specifications, Guidelines, etc., as initiated by EFCA Committees.
  • promoting and assisting in the production and issue of newsletters, press releases and technical articles that raise EFCA profile.
  • providing administrative functions of EFCA including:
    • Maintain EFCA membership records and details,
    • Invoice members for subscriptions and arrange payment of invoices,
    • Provide regular financial and membership reports to the EFCA executive and to the Board of Representatives and General Assembly,
    • Advise on the preferred level of annual budget and subscriptions to the Executive and General Assembly,
    • Maintain an informative and effective Federation web site,
    • Maintain the Federation archive of electronic and hard copy files,
    • Maintain the Federation bank accounts and financial records,
    • Ensuring that the Federation operates within its budget and makes adequate provision or proposals for items of special expenditure in order to maintain the Federation’s strategic financial reserves.
  • Finally, the Secretary shall have the accounts of EFCA audited early in each New Year and submit the audited accounts to the GA for approval.

Successful candidates will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant domain, e.g. concrete admixtures, chemicals;
  • Good understanding of the Construction Products Regulation – CPR.
  • Good knowledge of the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD.
  • Good knowledge of the European Chemical Agency – ECHA.
  • Good understanding of the CEN TC104/SC3 and related Standards.
  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Convincing personality with strong narrative abilities.
  • Good negotiator and facilitator for discussions with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to represent EFCA externally.
  • Fluent in English (further language proficiency is an advantage).
  • Willingness to work in an international environment.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Basic understanding of finance and accounting.

Please submit your application to:

Henriette Dikmans and Norbert Schroeter (


EFCA – European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations,

Rue D’ Arlon 55,
1040 Brussels,

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Updated EFCA Model EPD are available

In the course of a fundamental revision, the EFCA model EPDs were adapted to the revised version of EN 15804+A2. In the meantime, the updating process has been completed with the successful verification by the EPD programme holder organisation Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU). The updated EFCA EPD package, consisting of six model EPDs, is now available for the use by EFCA member associations and their member companies. The EFCA model EPDs can be downloaded from the EFCA homepage via the following link: Environmental Publications | EFCA

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EFCA position on the future options for the review of CPR

The Construction Product Regulation represents the Common Technical Language for CE Marking, which preserves and strengthens the benefits of the single market, avoiding barriers to trade.
The European Federation of Concrete Admixtures Associations (EFCA) is a strong supporter of this system, and through this position paper, EFCA intends to share its concerns over the radical changes proposed by the European Commission in the Refined Indicative Options for the Review of the Construction Products Regulation.

The Position Paper is available at the following LINK

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EFCA Position on the Renovation Wave

EFCA welcomes the “Renovation Wave” as a major contribution for improving sustainability of the buildings sector. In general, the continuous requests for minimization of the environmental impact of concrete buildings, the reduction of construction times – both in a factory and on site – and the request for an increased buildings durability have been and are supported by the proper use of admixtures. Transforming a traditional concrete into a sophisticated material, concrete admixtures play a decisive role as materials, products and technologies and enforce important aspects of circularity and sustainable development.

The Concrete Admixtures will contribute to this objective with solutions explained in the following Position Paper available below.


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EFCA presidency in ECP

On 22 June, Norbert Schroeter, was appointed as new ECP president, succeeding the outgoing President, Stein Tosterud and representing EFCA, the European Federation of Concrete admixtures Associations. Mr. Schroeter expressed his thanks to Stein Tosterud for spending a lot of efforts to make European Concrete Platform has become particularly effective during his presidency.

During his mandate the new President intends to allow follow and further develop the roadmap set out by his predecessors, with the fundamental objective to promote concrete as the material of choice providing building solutions and the attention  to the role of the concrete admixtures for sustainable development and sustainable constructions.

In his inauguration speech, Mr. Schroeter declares: “Currently, we are facing a challenging crisis. Europe, built by our fathers, has to work. Our goal must be – united in diversity – to keep peace and promote prosperity. Concrete is used to build bridges, infrastructure, healthy houses and environmental protection structures. We have a common platform “made of concrete”.

Norbert Schroeter concludes that “we have to be ensured that the sector is efficiently represented in a transparent manner at the European level. We must strongly affirm the ECP position, to be part of important issues as for instance the CPR revision and to drop on the economic aftermath of the corona crisis and the respond to the Green Deal!”

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EFCA Environmental Committee virtual meeting

The EFCA Environemntal Committee meeting scheduled on 19th of May in Brussels will be held virtually, using GoToMeeting.

Below the time plane, provided by Think Step, concerning the EFCA EPDs:

– Think Step is currently in the step of updating the single scores for the raw materials and to generate new single scores for the new raw materials. For the coming work, this step is the most effort and time-consuming piece.

– With these updated single score values, TS will provide us, by the beginning of May, a table to calculate single scores for product formulations. The objective is then to validate whether the former worst case formulation is still the worst case.

– After this confirmation, Think Step will start to update the LCA modelling for the EPDs and update the project report and the EPDs.

I remind you that the EFCA EPDs will expire on September 2020 and, in the case of an unforeseen further delay, the EPDs’ validity may be extended by IBU.

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