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Who is EFCA?

EFCA is a partnership of 13 National Admixture Associations, formed in 1984 in order to represent the interests of the industry at a time when there was increasing European legislation and standardisation in the field of construction products. It is the voice of the European admixture producers – EFCA’s total membership provides in excess of 80% of admixture sales within Europe and represents all the major admixture manufacturers. Locally, EFCA partners represent more than 80 producers in total. The total sales of admixtures by EFCA members in 2014 were in excess of 1 million tonnes.

Aims and Objectives

To act as the voice of the European concrete admixtures industry when approaching authorities, institutions, organisations or any other competent body on an international level.

To provide the common message of the industry to make known its position and views to the European Commission, European Parliament, CEN and other Groups dealing with issues such as European Legislation, European Harmonisation of Standards and certification.

To present the views and interests of manufacturers, contractors and consultants in Technical, Health, Safety and Environmental matters.

To work for the improvement of the technical standards of the industry, for example the technical knowledge, the know-how of the construction chemicals industry, innovation and environmental protection.

To advance and encourage the use of admixtures by means of lectures, publications and other activities including presentations at conferences.

To work closely with other European organizations in the field of concrete, constituents and supply, in order to promote the use of concrete as the premier construction material of choice.

To collect and disseminate information and market surveillance on matters related to admixtures and concrete to the advantage of the EFCA Partners.

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