Finland – FINCAA

Suomen Betonilisäaineyhdistys ry



Piispankulma 1 B 38
02200 Espoo

Secretary: Mrs Tarja Salmimies
Phone: +358401930742

FINCAA (Finnish Concrete Admixture Association) was founded in 2018.

Representing the Finnish concrete admixtures, FINCAA is focused to enhance usage and knowledge of concrete admixtures. To achieve its purpose, the association actively contributes to field development and EFCA activities.

FINCAA activities consists of:

  • improving the knowledge and support the appropriate usage of concrete admixtures
  • educating people on admixture usage by professional trainings
  • providing training material for Finnish Concrete Association.

FINCAA represents a major part of concrete admixture market in Finland.

FINCAA has 5 members, only producers of concrete admixtures.

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