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Cement Admixtures Association


Cement Admixtures Association


24 Newport Road
Wavendon, Milton Keynes
MK17 8AE, UK

Secretary: Dr Trevor Grounds
Email: info@admixtures.org.uk
Phone: + 44 (0)7702 635231

Website: www.admixtures.org.uk

The UK Cement Admixtures Association was founded in 1963 to promote and support the effective use of admixtures in concrete, mortar and grout. Members include all the major companies involved in the development, manufacture and supply of admixtures in the United Kingdom. Several of these companies also have major overseas involvement in admixtures as well as in the supply of other construction chemicals.

Full members must operate a third party certified quality management system complying with ISO 9001 or 9002 and CE Mark their admixtures.

Associate members include suppliers of raw materials to the full members, suppliers of storage and dispensing equipment. They may not supply admixtures directly to the construction industry.

The CAA Technical committee is active on British and European standards and in the preparation of guidance on the use of admixtures and general concrete technology.

Marketing and technical liaison is maintained with the UK Concrete Society and the main UK user groups and provides help to users through phone line advice, training courses and by giving talks and lectures on admixtures and admixture related subjects.

CAA is a member of the UK ‘Sustainable Concrete Forum’ and provides annual environmental information which goes into their annual ‘Sustainability Performance Report’ copies of which are available together with CAA publications on the CAA website ‘www.admixtures.org.uk



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