On 22 June, Norbert Schroeter, was appointed as new ECP president, succeeding the outgoing President, Stein Tosterud and representing EFCA, the European Federation of Concrete admixtures Associations. Mr. Schroeter expressed his thanks to Stein Tosterud for spending a lot of efforts to make European Concrete Platform has become particularly effective during his presidency.

During his mandate the new President intends to allow follow and further develop the roadmap set out by his predecessors, with the fundamental objective to promote concrete as the material of choice providing building solutions and the attention  to the role of the concrete admixtures for sustainable development and sustainable constructions.

In his inauguration speech, Mr. Schroeter declares: “Currently, we are facing a challenging crisis. Europe, built by our fathers, has to work. Our goal must be – united in diversity – to keep peace and promote prosperity. Concrete is used to build bridges, infrastructure, healthy houses and environmental protection structures. We have a common platform “made of concrete”.

Norbert Schroeter concludes that “we have to be ensured that the sector is efficiently represented in a transparent manner at the European level. We must strongly affirm the ECP position, to be part of important issues as for instance the CPR revision and to drop on the economic aftermath of the corona crisis and the respond to the Green Deal!”