29599867944_e541fab549_oThe EFCA 2015 Model EPD have been confirmed as verified in compliance with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 by the ECO Platform in addition to verification by the German programme holder Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

This additional verification of the EFCA EPD by the ECO Platform provides users with greater confidence in the credibility and comparability of the EPD data.

The modified EPD were presented at an ECO Platform event, co-sponsored by EFCA, held in the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels in October.

The new versions can be downloaded from our environmental publications page Here    

One of the key aims of the ECO Platform is:

“the development of verified environmental information of construction products, in particular type III declarations called EPD (Environmental Product Declarations). The added value of EPD under the ECO Platform framework is the possibility to use these declarations in all European but also international markets.”

The event included wide-ranging presentations and open discussions demonstrating the interest in EPD and importance of independent verification. More details of the event can be viewed at ECO Platform Event

The photograph shows Martin Ludescher (centre) of EFCA national association member Deutsche Bauchemie accepting the new EPD on behalf of EFCA from Eco Platform represented by:

29933726750_c17578323a_o(from left to right)

Sven-Olof Ryding (President of ECO Platform)

Dr Burkhart Lehmann (Managing Director of IBU)

Hans Peters (Chairman of the Board of IBU)

Christian Donath (Managing Director ECO Platform)