EFCA General Assembly, London 25 May 2019

The first General Assembly of 2019 has been held in London on 25th May. The President, Henriette Dickmans, opened the event and welcomed all the members attended.

Guest of the meeting Mr Andrew Minson, Concrete and Sustainable Construction Director of the new GCCA, Global Cement and Concrete Association.

The EFCA Annual Statistics have been presented.

Several points listed in the agenda, as for instance the new restrictions proposed by ECHA on microplastics and formaldehyde have been discussed

Same relevance the discussion on the harmonization of information for national Poison Centres, that, starting from 2021, will concern all products for consumer use containing dangerous substances.

The promotion of the association and the alliances in Brussels are always an important priority for EFCA.

The second General assembly of 2019 will be held in Brussels on 19th November.

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KÜB celebrated its 20th anniversary

KÜB 20th Anniversary On November 15, 2018, celebrated with an invitation to be held at Wyndham Grand Kalamis Hotel. The invitation, which started with the opening speech of Emrah ERTİN, Chairman of the Executive Committee, continued with the presentation of CUB Technical Committee ’Chemical Admixture Technologies’.

Activity; IMSAD (Association of Construction Material Producers) Chairman Mr. Fethi HİNGİNAR, THBB Board of Directors and ERMCO President Mr. Yavuz IŞIK, TÇMB (Turkey Cement Manufacturers ‘Association) Secretary General andYÜF (Construction Products Producers Federation) CEO Mr. İsmail BULUT joined as panel’s speakers . Panel subject:’Expectations and Evaluations for the Future in the Construction, Concrete and Cement Sector’

İT ended with a cocktail and a Live music &concert by Grup Gündoğarken.

Some foto from annıversary

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EFCA has presented an interesting document on the contribution and benefits of the admixtures for a sustainable concrete.
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by Jürg SchlumpfSika Services AG, Corporate Target Market Concrete, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland.

Jürg Schlumpf

Life Cycle Management of buildings and infrastructures worldwide is becoming a decisive controlling factor in the performance-related requirements of such projects. At the same time building materials required to achieve these performances are becoming scarce, while regulatory framework conditions for the manufacture of these materials are increasing. In order to meet the increasing requirements for protection of the environment, the sustainability of cement in particular, as the most significant component of concrete, must constantly be developed further. Considerable effort has already been made, but the industry nonetheless stands at the beginning of these developments: the employment of SCM (Secondary Cementitious Materials) is gaining momentum and will influence the properties of concrete as a building material. While some of these pozzolanic, latently hydraulic or inert additions, in parallel with their contribution to CO2 emission reduction, show a positive effect on durability. These influence workability and curing as well. Simultaneously a shortage of natural aggregates is emerging, making the mechanical processing of aggregates increasingly necessary, so already today SCM and some fractions of crushed aggregates are being used worldwide in presence of high durability requirements. The content of this contribution is an examination of limitations in achievement of unchanged durability requirements as well as practicable processing conditions and how admixtures are involved in the process. Durability and Sustainability – a Contradiction?

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EFCA is now based and operative in Brussels


The First EFCA General Assembly in Brussels

Starting from June 2018, EFCA is officially an AISBL based in Brussels. The importance to be more present at European level and to cooperate closely with the other European associations, led to the decision to move EFCA in Brussels. EFCA aims to foster innovation and collaboration with the industry associations.

A new office for a new team, a new look for new aims to achieve.
The attention to the depletion of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions have stimulated a “sustainable” approach in the industry general, and especially in the construction sector. Admixtures play a decisive role in this context, transforming the traditional concrete into a sophisticated material and EFCA will strive to improve the environmental impact of the sector’s products.

EFCA will also follow all the changes and improvements in the field of the innovative solutions as support to a 4.0 construction industry.

Follow our activities on the EFCA web site.

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EFCA and the environmental benefits of the admixtures at the ERMCO2018 Congress

Nihal Kinnersley on “Admixtures – essential ingredients of 21st century”

On 7th and 8th June an EFCA delegate attended the ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo.  The event was important for us, and two particularly interesting presentations, both relevant to our industry were made:

Nihal Kinnersley on “Admixtures – essential ingredients of 21st century”; and Juerg Schlumpf on “Admixtures for a sustainable concrete”.

The first paper focused on the rheological properties of Control Flow Concrete, and showed how the more efficient mix design of Control Flow Concrete can decrease the amount of CO2 production by 27% compared to conventional concrete and self-compacting concrete. The second one focused on durability and sustainability thanks to the admixtures?

Both the presentations highlighted the importance of using admixtures for environmental reasons and how the concrete sector has changed with their introduction for this purpose.

The discussion will continue in the EFCA Position Paper on the “SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF ADMIXTURES”.

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KUB host successful pavilion at Beton 2017, Turkey

EFCA member KUB played a key role in the largest concrete congress and exhibition in Turkey, Beton Istanbul 2017 on 13th-15th April organised by THBB the Turkish ready mix industry.

For the first time ever all of the concrete admixture and construction chemicals producers in Turkey came together under one roof hosted by KUB.

The KUB pavilion

Highly praised by both customers and the manufacturers themselves, the impressive pavilion provided 348 sq. m of combined exhibition and conference space and a programme that included in-depth seminars on nine different aspects of concrete, admixtures and construction chemicals.

For more details visit the KUB website at:

To view a short video from the event please visit:
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EFCA Model EPD verified by ECO Platform

29599867944_e541fab549_oThe EFCA 2015 Model EPD have been confirmed as verified in compliance with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 by the ECO Platform in addition to verification by the German programme holder Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

This additional verification of the EFCA EPD by the ECO Platform provides users with greater confidence in the credibility and comparability of the EPD data.

The modified EPD were presented at an ECO Platform event, co-sponsored by EFCA, held in the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels in October.

The new versions can be downloaded from our environmental publications page Here    

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