Green Deal – TCI Position

The Concrete Initiative welcomes the New Circular Economy Action Plan and the ambitious vision of the European Green Deal. The Action Plan contains coherent, long-term measures to enhance the life span of construction works (through durability, maintenance, repair and reuse) and to increase the recycling and reuse of construction waste. An important contribution from the concrete admixtures to provide valide solutions.

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Covid_19 Impact on the admixtures industry

The scenario involving the pandemic challenges and the customer-related issues, namely the shutdown of several construction sites or the postponement/cancellation of projects has an impact on the concrete admixtures industry.

Therefore, through its National Associations EFCA intends to monitor the trend in each country with a flash survey focused on:

– Government restrictions,

– Construction business,

– Concrete admixtures companies’ situation.

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ECHA: CLP, Annex VIII – next CARACAL meeting canceled

The European Commission just cancelled the upcoming CARACAL physical Meeting (CLP and RECAH Session) planned on 31 March and 1 April. They are working now to set a video/internet conference to discuss x only 3 high priorities issues of the agenda:

CLP: Annex VIII (workability amendment)

REACH: Revocation of registration decisions

REACH: Update on the activities in relation to the amendments of the REACH Annexes for nanoforms

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New KÜB President

Turgay ÖZKUN, General Manager of Sika Construction Chemicals, was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Admixtures Manufacturers Association (KÜB).

In the new period, members of the KÜB Board of Directors have been elected as CHRYSO Additives General Manager Osman İLGEN as the Vice President, MAPEI Construction Chemicals General Manager Selman TARMUR, BASF Turkish Chemical Construction Chemicals Country Manager Suat SEVEN and KORDSA Tekstil Teknik A.Ş Sales and Marketing Manager Murat Yasa KILINÇ.

Leading the Concrete Admixture sector in the upcoming period, KÜB President Turgay ÖZKUN stated that they are aiming to move the works done until now to a further point for maintaining the growth of the sector in both our country and in the international area with the participation of all stakeholders in the sector.

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New EU Industrial Strategy

Even if the pandemic is growing, Europe has to define its position in a highly competitive world threatened by climate change.   Against this backdrop, a new EU industrial strategy was presented on Tuesday 10th March by the EC to provide a framework for a more ambitious EU industrial policy and a more assertive position on the global stage.

EFCA welcomes this new EU industrial strategy as the steppingstone for transition to a sustainable and digital economy. We particularly support the EC’s key objective of maintaining European industry’s global competitiveness and a level playing field at home and globally.

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EU Chemicals Legislation Finder (EUCLEF) coming on 11 March

ECHA is glad to present the new online service, EUCLEF, EU Chemicals Legislation Finder tool which will become available from today, 11th March.  This online service will be managed by ECHA and it will be free of charge.   The introduction webinar and video tutorial can be watched by clicking the relevant links in the email below. 

EUCLEF will be a fantastic tool, particularly for the SME companies when searching further information about a chemical and its compliance with a wide range of EU rules and regulations.  At the moment, the EUCLEF tool covers 40 pieces of Chemical legislations in EU and in 2021, a further 16 pieces of legislation is planned to be added.  ECHA is also prepared to provide a dedicated 24/7 service to support this tool. 

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Poison Centre notifications – Webinar presentations online

Yesterday, 12nd  February,  ECHA held an interesting webinar on the latest and upcoming developments for notifying the hazardous mixtures to Poison Centres. These include changes to Annex VIII and improvements to the IT tools and available support.  The hazardous mixtures represent 10% approximately of concrete admixtures.

The compliance date to notify UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) for concrete admixtures (professional and consumer use) will be 1st January 2021.

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