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Covid_19 – Impact study on the construction sector

Construction Product Europe has sent a letter to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council to inform them about the impact of Covid_19 on the construction industry.
The response came faster  and the CPE Secretary, Mr. Sykes,  received the invitation to speak to the European Commissioner Breton, who is in charge of the internal market.
A first online meeting allowed the Commissioner to understand the scale of the crisis and he asked his services to run an impact study on the sector. 
The impact study reveals a 50% loss in revenue for Q2, 25% in Q3 and 12,5% in Q4. Therefore, the construction industry stands to be recognised as extremely impacted and Commissioner Breton will fight for European funds to be earmarked for the recovery of our sector. 
Three axes were identified for potential action, renovation works, infrastructure and social housing.

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Green Deal – TCI Position

The Concrete Initiative welcomes the New Circular Economy Action Plan and the ambitious vision of the European Green Deal. The Action Plan contains coherent, long-term measures to enhance the life span of construction works (through durability, maintenance, repair and reuse) and to increase the recycling and reuse of construction waste. An important contribution from the concrete admixtures to provide valide solutions.

Download here the Position Paper

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Covid_19 Impact on the admixtures industry

The scenario involving the pandemic challenges and the customer-related issues, namely the shutdown of several construction sites or the postponement/cancellation of projects has an impact on the concrete admixtures industry.

Therefore, through its National Associations EFCA intends to monitor the trend in each country with a flash survey focused on:

– Government restrictions,

– Construction business,

– Concrete admixtures companies’ situation.

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