Turgay ÖZKUN, General Manager of Sika Construction Chemicals, was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Admixtures Manufacturers Association (KÜB).

In the new period, members of the KÜB Board of Directors have been elected as CHRYSO Additives General Manager Osman İLGEN as the Vice President, MAPEI Construction Chemicals General Manager Selman TARMUR, BASF Turkish Chemical Construction Chemicals Country Manager Suat SEVEN and KORDSA Tekstil Teknik A.Ş Sales and Marketing Manager Murat Yasa KILINÇ.

Leading the Concrete Admixture sector in the upcoming period, KÜB President Turgay ÖZKUN stated that they are aiming to move the works done until now to a further point for maintaining the growth of the sector in both our country and in the international area with the participation of all stakeholders in the sector.