The First EFCA General Assembly in Brussels

Starting from June 2018, EFCA is officially an AISBL based in Brussels. The importance to be more present at European level and to cooperate closely with the other European associations, led to the decision to move EFCA in Brussels. EFCA aims to foster innovation and collaboration with the industry associations.

A new office for a new team, a new look for new aims to achieve.
The attention to the depletion of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions have stimulated a “sustainable” approach in the industry general, and especially in the construction sector. Admixtures play a decisive role in this context, transforming the traditional concrete into a sophisticated material and EFCA will strive to improve the environmental impact of the sector’s products.

EFCA will also follow all the changes and improvements in the field of the innovative solutions as support to a 4.0 construction industry.

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