Nihal Kinnersley on “Admixtures – essential ingredients of 21st century”

On 7th and 8th June an EFCA delegate attended the ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo.  The event was important for us, and two particularly interesting presentations, both relevant to our industry were made:

Nihal Kinnersley on “Admixtures – essential ingredients of 21st century”; and Juerg Schlumpf on “Admixtures for a sustainable concrete”.

The first paper focused on the rheological properties of Control Flow Concrete, and showed how the more efficient mix design of Control Flow Concrete can decrease the amount of CO2 production by 27% compared to conventional concrete and self-compacting concrete. The second one focused on durability and sustainability thanks to the admixtures?

Both the presentations highlighted the importance of using admixtures for environmental reasons and how the concrete sector has changed with their introduction for this purpose.

The discussion will continue in the EFCA Position Paper on the “SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF ADMIXTURES”.